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Brisbane Covers Band

Shaz:  0422 133 304

Brad:  0413 709 367

The year was 2013.  The location was Brisbane. After performing in various bands for many years, three enthusiastic, young, handsome dudes; Dan, Brad and Gary formed a rock covers band. 

Moving forward - the year was 2015.  The location was still Brisbane.  After gigging regularly for 3 years, the handsome dudes decided it was time for change - the band needed some spicing up! So they went on the hunt for an awesome dudette, and lo and behold, rock chic Shaz popped up from out of nowhere (ok, perhaps they found her on the internet!)  Brisbane based covers band "Paradigm" was then formed.

Boasting one of Brisbane's best female rock vocalists; along with many years of performance experience, Paradigm are a tight, talented band full of finesse and energy. Their ability to engage crowds and fill the dance floor results in twerking, humping, fist pumping and many other creative dance moves!.

Playing all of your favourite rock, pop and punk tunes from the 70's til now, Paradigm cover many popular artists including P!nk, Creedence, Greenday, Jet, No Doubt and the Divinyls.
So if you're on the hunt for some great live entertainment and a night to remember at your venue or private function, contact us now! 

  1. Saturday 30 Jul - 8:00pm Palmwoods Hotel
  2. Sunday 14 Aug - 2:30pm Tugun SLSC
  3. Sunday 9 Oct - 2:30pm Tugun SLSC
  4. Sunday 27 Nov - 2:30pm Tugun SLSC
  5. Saturday 28 May - 7:30pm Private Gig
  6. Saturday 13 Aug - 7:30pm Easts Leagues Club
  7. Friday 1 July - 9:30pm Ipswich Brothers
  8. Friday 9 Sep - 9:30pm Ipswich Brothers
  9. Friday 18 Nov - 9:30pm Ipswich Brothers
8 Track Demo
Live Demo